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Freight Solutions

Your dedicated partner in global logistics, offering a range freight solutions to deliver your cargo to anywhere in the world.

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Freight Services

We ensure all your logistics requirements are covered. By air, land, or sea, complete with warehousing, ecommerce, and more, we offer everything you need under one roof.

We pride ourselves in being a very lean and agile business ensuring a seamless, fast and accurate flow of information throughout the process. We also provide a cost effective, reliable and flexible suite of products to suit all logistical eventualities.

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Truly Worldwide Freight Services

Think Outside The Box... Think Qube

Who Are Qube?

Qube Cargo is a leading freight forwarder that believes that providing a superior level of service matters, as do our network of carefully selected agents around the globe.

Our expertise is applied to all client requests. For a pair of shoes needed on the other side of the world for filming, or items too large to fit into a container, meeting your deadline and budget is equally important.

Whether you have a local freight forwarding request, a major international shipment, or something out of the ordinary, Qube can help. Having all services under one roof allows our support to be tailored to you, at a competitive price.

At Qube Cargo, we offer a comprehensive range of shipping services to meet all your needs, including:

  1. Local freight forwarding: We offer local freight forwarding services to ensure that your shipments can be delivered to any destination in the UK.
  2. International shipping: We offer international shipping services to ensure that your shipments can be delivered to any destination in the world.
  3. Bespoke shipments: We specialize in handling bespoke shipments that require specialised handling, packaging, or delivery methods.
  4. Consolidation shipments: We offer consolidation services to help you save money on shipping costs by combining multiple shipments into one.
  5. Support and advice from industry experts: Our team of industry experts is available to provide support and advice on all your shipping needs.

If you have a unique enquiry, why not give us a call and see what we can do for you?


Road & Rail Freight

A convenient and cost-effective option for transporting pallets. Businesses and individuals all around the world rely on road freight services to get their goods from point A to point B. A lorry is used for long-distance transport, whereas a small van is used for local delivery.


Sea Freight

Large-scale cargo transportation through carrier ships is known as sea freight. After being packaged in containers, the goods are put aboard a vessel. Since a normal cargo ship can hold up to 18,000 containers, shipping goods by sea is an economical way to move huge amounts across long distances.


Air Freight

The transfer and transportation of products by an air carrier—either commercial or charter—is known as air freight delivery. Such items are transported anyplace that planes can fly and land out of commercial and passenger aviation gateways. Air freight is a useful choice for organising time-sensitive shipments to practically anyplace in the globe due to its quick delivery possibilities. Smaller and mid-sized businesses might benefit the most from this as it makes it possible for them to quickly and efficiently engage in international trade. A high degree of security is another benefit of air freight since airport cargo rules are strictly enforced.