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Shipping to France

Qube Cargo deliver anything to anywhere. From the next town to the other side of the globe, we deliver efficiently and reliably. We make it a priority to ensure your items are delivered on-time.

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France Freight Forwarding

At Qube Cargo, we are the experts in freight forwarding to France. We offer high-quality freight services to and from France and use our local knowledge and expertise to get your delivery made on time, wherever it needs to go.

We have a vast global network that covers France and beyond, and we can always deliver to any French destination quickly and securely. We provide a bespoke service for businesses and individuals, and we can deliver everything from a tiny valuable item to large machinery. We will deliver on time, every time, anywhere in France.

So choose Qube as your logistics partner today, and know that we’ve got you covered.

Did you know...

  • France is the largest country in the EU and sometimes called the hexagon
  • France is the world’s most popular tourist destination
  • France was the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away food
  • Europe’s highest mountain is Mont Blanc in the French Alps
  • The French rail network is the second largest in Europe ninth biggest in the world
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Shipping to France

    French Freight Services You Can Trust

    France is the UK’s closest neighbour and a vast amount of freight moves between the two countries every day, even now that the UK is not in the EU. You want to make sure that your packages travel safely and arrive on time, so trust Qube with all of your freight.

    France is one of Europe’s largest economies and a global power. It’s a popular tourist destination, but it is also popular with British expats, so there is a large requirement for freight services.

    We offer a seamless service right across the country. We will arrange all of your haulage to France or back to the UK securely and quickly. We will also assist with paperwork and help with the customs regulations, VAT notices and commodity codes to avoid delays.

    Send To or From Any Destination in France

    From the north of France to Paris and beyond to the stunning southern coast or the Alps, there is so much to see in France – and we cover it all.

    Wherever you need to send your item in France, we can deliver it to major cities like Paris, Lille, Rouen, Marseille, Nice, Lyon or Toulouse, as well as small villages located all over the country.

    We deliver by air, land and sea, and we can help with awkward or valuable items of any size. We deliver what other firms can’t while always offering value for money.

    Fast & Secure Freight Forwarding by Air, Sea and Land to France

    If you require business freight, it doesn’t matter which sector you operate in. We cover a wide range of sectors, and we are familiar with the unique requirements they have including IT, healthcare, transport, energy, retail and more.

    We also offer a range of options from hazardous freight to express delivery, drop shipping and groupage.

    Freight Solutions for All Sectors

    We also cover a wide range of sectors, all of which have unique requirements, from manufacturing to transport, IT, retail, healthcare and energy. We offer:

    • Express delivery
    • Hazardous freight
    • Humanitarian freight
    • Drop shipping
    • Groupage
    • And more!

    Whatever You Need, We Won’t Say No

    If you’ve got a tricky package or specific requirements that other freight companies won’t deal with, come to Qube. We never say no.

    We have years of experience, and our knowledge and skills are unsurpassed. We can take on anything you have. We work with our trusted network right across France, and even if you need a small package hand-delivered to a rural village in southern France, we’ve got it covered.

    We love a challenge, and we always think outside the Qube to make it happen.

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    A Shipping Service For Everyone and Everything

    Need quick parcel shipping to East Asia? Perhaps you need an expensive piece of jewellery delivered securely to South America, or even a large CNC Machine delivered to Eastern Europe.. we have a service for that! At Qube we combine a range of services for a range sectors, with worldwide shipping coverage and a personal service. All this means we can delivery anything, to anywhere!

    Speak with one of our friendly team members today and ask us any questions you have about freight forwarding to France. Just let us know what you need and where you are sending it, and we’ll take care of the rest.