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Shipping to Lithuania

Qube Cargo deliver anything to anywhere. From the next town to the other side of the globe, we deliver efficiently and reliably. We make it a priority to ensure your items are delivered on-time.

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Lithuania Freight Forwarding

When sending or receiving items to or from Lithuania, do you require the assistance of a trustworthy freight forwarding service? If so, we strongly suggested that you make use of Qube Cargo’s unrivalled freight forwarding service.

Our in-depth familiarity with the area is unparalleled, and we promise that we will never refuse service to you. If you would like to get in contact with us right immediately, we would be more than pleased to discuss your requirements.

Did you know...

  • Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages that still exist today
  • Lithuania is divided into 10 counties, 60 municipalities, and 500 administrative areas.
  • Basketball is the national sport of Lithuania
  • Around a third of the country is forestland
  • Lithuania was the last country in Europe to convert to Christianity
  • It was once the largest country in Europe
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Shipping to Lithuania

    Why Ship to Lithuania?

    Eastern Europe is home to the nation of Lithuania, which stands out both in terms of size and population when compared to its fellow Baltic neighbours. Poland, Latvia, Belarus, and Russia are the countries that lie to this country’s immediate left and right. The landmass of the nation spans a total area of 65,300 square kilometres and is just somewhat less than Greece in terms of size. The landscape consists primarily of mixed woodland, many lakes, sandy beaches, and wetland regions across the nation. Approximately 2.8 million people call this country home, and the city of Vilnius serves as the nation’s capital. Until 1990, Lithuania was governed by the Soviet Union; the country did not gain its independence until that year.

    We Cover Any Destination in Lithuania

    The wide and well-maintained train and road networks make it easy to travel across the nation, from the thriving capital city of Vilnius and the notable Hill of Crosses to Palanga Beach and the renowned Trakai Castle. This also makes delivery services in Lithuania very straightforward. With direct flights connecting the two cities, service from London to Lithuania is also swift, taking just under three hours.

    Furthermore, shipping packages to Lithuania is a secure and dependable process thanks to train and boat services. When shopping for a cheap courier, knowing the postcode is helpful. The five-digit code used by the postal code system has the prefix “LT-” in it.

    You may look for the cheapest courier to Lithuania after you have the postcode sorted. Since the Lithuanian postal system has just mediocre reliability, sending packages with an independent courier who utilises their own courier network is a safer option.

    Lithuania Freight Forwarding by Air, Land or Sea

    Shipping may be accomplished through ocean, land, and air between Lithuania and the rest of the world. Every single area of the nation, from the most populous metropolis to the tiniest of villages, is linked together.

    We are able to manage everything in minute detail and get things done in a timely and efficient manner. Our customers choose us because they are certain that we will provide them with solid service at an affordable price, and we operate a pliable network in the immediate area.

    Freight Solutions for All Sectors

    Whatever you need, we’ve got the solution for you. We provide a range of services including hazardous freight, express delivery, drop shipping, groupage and more.

    We also work with many industries, and we are aware of the unique challenges presented by each. From IT to healthcare to manufacturing, we have the solution for your industry.

    • Express delivery
    • Hazardous freight
    • Humanitarian freight
    • Drop shipping
    • Groupage
    • And more!

    Whatever You Need, We Won’t Say No

    Customers keep coming back to us because they know they will never hear the word “no” from us. Taking on difficult tasks is something we enjoy doing here at Qube. When other freight forwarders are unable to meet a client’s deadline, we employ “out of the box” thinking to ensure success.

    Do not worry if you require specialised assistance; we can provide it. If necessary, we may travel with a precious object and personally deliver it to its final location.

    We use our contacts across Lithuania to guarantee your complete happiness. We’re not afraid of a challenge, and we go above and beyond what other shipping companies provide. If you need a freight forwarder that goes above and above, look no further than Qube.

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    A Shipping Service For Everyone and Everything

    Want to send a package to Asia quickly? We offer a service for when you need to have a huge CNC machine shipped to Eastern Europe or a pricey piece of jewellery delivered safely to South America. At Qube, we provide a variety of services for a variety of industries, as well as personal service and global shipping coverage. The end result is that we can deliver anything, anywhere!

    Interested in setting up freight forwarding to Lithuania? then get in contact with our staff right now. We’ll walk you through the process, ask you for as much information as we can about your delivery, then provide you with a price. To start today, get in touch with us.