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Shipping to Africa

We are specialists in Africa freight forwarding, including groupage, part-loads and full-loads, providing express delivery to and from Africa’s major economic centres.

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Africa, with its vast resources and rapidly growing economies, is increasingly becoming a focal point in the global shipping and logistics industry. The continent’s strategic location between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans offers pivotal maritime routes that are essential for international trade. Major ports like Durban in South Africa, Mombasa in Kenya, and Lagos in Nigeria serve as key gateways for the export of Africa’s abundant natural resources, including minerals, oil, and agricultural products, as well as for the import of manufactured goods, technology, and consumer products.

Infrastructure development is a critical area of focus across the continent, with investments aimed at enhancing port facilities, expanding road and rail networks, and improving logistics services to better connect inland regions to coastal ports. This development is crucial for landlocked countries that rely on neighbouring coastal nations for access to global markets.

Furthermore, Africa’s shipping sector is being transformed by regional economic communities such as the East African Community (EAC) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which are working to facilitate trade through improved regulatory frameworks and enhanced connectivity. As these efforts continue to gain momentum, Africa is set to play an even more significant role in international logistics, offering new opportunities for trade and economic growth.

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On the continent of Africa, South Africa continues to hold a position of prominence as a significant power. It is becoming more and more obvious that South Africa will soon be a global power, and the country was even named as one of the BRICS, which is a group of five countries that have the potential to become superpowers (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

Shipping to Africa is becoming an increasingly important business as a result of its expanding impact. Qube are, fortunately, readily available to provide a hand. Because we have such a comprehensive distribution network, we are able to make shipping goods internationally not only more economical, but also more dependable.

Qube’s personal approach helps us to do business across Africa, including major economic centres. It also allows us to handle any shipment of any size, via our network of trusted partners.

Individuals who wish to send packages, personal possessions, extra baggage, luggage, or any size cargo to Africa can take advantage of the individualised, trustworthy service that our Qube offers.

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