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Shipping to Australasia

We are specialists in Australasia freight forwarding, including groupage, part-loads and full-loads, providing express delivery to and from Australasia’s major economic centres.

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Freight Forwarders To and From Astralasia

Australasia, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding islands, holds a significant position in the worldwide shipping and logistics industry. Its strategic location in the Southern Hemisphere offers vital linkages between the markets of Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Both Australia and New Zealand boast well-developed port facilities that handle a vast amount of international trade, supporting diverse economies rich in natural resources, agriculture, and technology.

Major ports such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane in Australia, along with Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand, serve as crucial hubs for maritime transport. These ports facilitate not only the export of commodities like coal, iron ore, and agricultural products but also the import of manufactured goods and technology. The region’s commitment to robust infrastructure development is evident in its efficient road, rail, and intermodal systems, which ensure seamless inland distribution and connectivity.

Enhanced by policies that promote trade liberalisation and economic cooperation, Australasia remains at the forefront of trade facilitation and logistics innovation. This setup not only supports local economies but also positions Australasia as a significant player in international trade, making it a critical area for shipping and logistics operations.

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Qube’s personal approach helps us to do business across Australasia, including major economic centres. It also allows us to handle any shipment of any size, via our network of trusted partners.

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