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Hazardous Goods Transport

At Qube Cargo, we are an established carrier of dangerous goods and provide safe and reliable transport solutions for the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail.

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Safe and Reliable Transport of Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous goods requires adherence to international and national regulations, which vary depending on the mode of transport used. These regulations are in place to prevent accidents that could harm people and property, as well as cause environmental damage.

To ensure consistency between all these regulations, mechanisms for the harmonisation of hazard classification criteria and hazard communication tools as well as for transport conditions for all modes of transport have been established. We adhere to these mechanisms to ensure that our transport of dangerous goods is consistent and safe.

With our expertise and experience in transporting dangerous goods, you can trust us to handle your shipments safely and efficiently. We have the necessary equipment and facilities to transport a wide range of dangerous goods, and our team of experts is always on hand to provide guidance and support.

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    Safe and Compliant Transportation of Hazardous Goods Worldwide

    When planning to ship hazardous materials or dangerous goods, it’s important to identify which class your cargo falls under and what quantity limits apply. This information helps you or your agent to determine the required documentation, packaging, and labeling, as well as the correct transport modes.

    Risks of Transporting Hazardous Goods

    Transporting hazardous goods via road, sea, or air can pose risks to health, safety, or the environment, particularly if they are not handled, packed, or documented properly. That’s why it’s essential to work with a specialist in the transportation of hazardous goods.

    Qube Cargo - Your Hazardous Goods Specialist

    We specialise in the transportation of hazardous goods worldwide, covering all nine classes. We provide a complete dangerous and hazardous goods solution, ensuring our customers are fully compliant with regulations, including:

    • Identification and classification of hazardous goods
    • Preparation of shipping documentation, packaging, and labeling
    • Coordination of transport modes, including air, sea, and road
    • Compliance with international and national regulations for the safe transport of hazardous goods

    Compliant and Safe Transport

    With our expertise and experience, you can trust us to transport your hazardous goods safely and compliantly. We work closely with our customers to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs, ensuring the safe and secure transport of hazardous goods.

    What are considered dangerous goods for Transportation?

    When it comes to shipping products, there are many regulations that must be followed to ensure the safety of the shipment and everyone involved in the transportation process. One of the most critical factors to consider is the dangerous goods classification

    Dangerous goods are items or substances that can harm people or the environment. These goods are classified based on their hazardous properties, such as flammability, toxicity, corrosiveness, and more. The classification system is used to help identify the level of danger associated with each item and determine how to handle it properly during transport.

    There are nine classes of dangerous goods recognised by the United Nations. Here is a breakdown of each class and what items are typically included in them:

    Class 1: Explosives

    Explosives are items or substances that can explode or cause a sudden release of gas or heat. Examples include fireworks, ammunition, and certain chemicals used in manufacturing.

    Class 2: Gases

    Gases are substances that are in a gaseous state at normal room temperature and pressure. This class includes compressed gases, liquefied gases, and dissolved gases. Examples of items in this class include propane, butane, and helium.

    Class 3: Flammable Liquids

    Flammable liquids are substances that can easily catch fire or ignite. Examples include gasoline, diesel fuel, and alcohol.

    Class 4: Flammable Solids

    Flammable solids are substances that can catch fire easily and burn quickly. Examples include matches, flares, and certain chemicals used in manufacturing.

    Class 5: Oxidizing Substances and Organic Peroxides

    Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides are items or substances that can react with other substances and release oxygen. This class includes items such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium chlorate, and certain cleaning chemicals.

    Class 6: Toxic and Infectious Substances

    Toxic and infectious substances are items or substances that can cause harm or illness to people or animals. Examples include pesticides, certain chemicals used in manufacturing, and certain medical products.

    Class 7: Radioactive Materials

    Radioactive materials are items or substances that emit radiation. Examples include certain medical products and items used in the nuclear industry.

    Class 8: Corrosive Substances

    Corrosive substances are items or substances that can cause damage to other materials through chemical reaction. Examples include battery acid, certain cleaning chemicals, and certain chemicals used in manufacturing.

    Class 9: Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

    Miscellaneous dangerous goods are items or substances that don’t fit into any of the other classes. Examples include items that can create a dangerous reaction when mixed, such as certain chemicals used in manufacturing.

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    Time critical shipping is an essential component of today’s business world. It ensures that your customers receive their packages on time, can help you stay competitive, and can help you avoid costly penalties for late or delayed deliveries.

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    A Shipping Service For Everyone and Everything

    Shipping items, whether for personal or business reasons, can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to find a shipping service that caters to all your needs, from small packages to large items, domestic or international destinations, and everything in between.

    At Qube Cargo, we offer a shipping service that caters to everyone and everything. We understand the diverse needs of our customers and strive to provide a shipping service that is reliable, efficient, and affordable.

    1. Small packages: We offer shipping for small packages, such as letters, documents, and small parcels, to both domestic and international destinations.
    2. Large items: We offer shipping for large items, such as furniture, equipment, and machinery, domestically and internationally. We can provide specialised packaging and handling for these items to ensure their safe transport.
    3. International shipping: We offer international shipping services to ensure that your shipments can be delivered to any destination in the world. We have partnerships with international carriers to ensure reliable and efficient delivery.
    4. Customised shipping solutions: We understand that every shipment is unique, and we can provide customised shipping solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you require specialised packaging or handling, expedited delivery, or other customised services, we can help.