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Abnormal Load Transport

Moving abnormal loads requires specialised equipment, knowledge of rules and regulations, superior driving and lashing skills, and precise project management. No two jobs are identical, which is why it is essential to have an experienced team to handle the task.

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Transporting abnormal loads of goods or equipment that exceed the legal size or weight limits for standard vehicles often requires a more bespoke service which is tailored to what load is required to be transported. This requires not only specialised vehicles and equipment but also careful planning and coordination which is where Qube can be of service.

Abnormal loads are a complex process that involves many different factors, such as route planning, obtaining permits, and ensuring compliance with local regulations which we have extensive experience and contacts to facilitate this with as little fuss as possible.

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    Regulations for the Transportation of Abnormal Loads

    The transportation of abnormal loads is regulated by local and international laws. These laws are designed to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the transportation process, including drivers, other road users, and pedestrians and is why it is easier to use an experienced, regulated and leading transport company such as Qube Cargo Ltd.

    Some of the key regulations that apply to the transportation of abnormal loads and what should be considered:

    • Weight and dimension limits: Abnormal loads are subject to weight and dimension limits that vary depending on the type of load and the location of transportation.
    • Route planning: The transportation of abnormal loads often requires a customised route to avoid obstacles such as low bridges and narrow roads. A route survey is usually carried out to identify potential obstacles and plan an appropriate route.
    • Escorts and permits: Abnormal loads may require escorts and permits depending on the weight and dimensions of the load and the location of transportation. Escorts are responsible for ensuring the safe passage of the load and may include police officers, traffic marshals, and other qualified personnel.
    • Time of transportation: The transportation of abnormal loads may be restricted to certain times of the day or week to avoid traffic congestion and minimise disruption to other road users.

    Equipment for the Transportation of Abnormal Loads

    Transporting abnormal loads requires specialised equipment designed to safely move heavy and oversized goods. Below is some of the equipment we use to transport abnormal loads.

    • Low loader trailers: Low loader trailers are designed to transport heavy and oversize loads that cannot be accommodated on standard trailers. They have a lower deck height, which allows for greater height clearance and easier loading and unloading.
    • Extendable trailers: Extendable trailers can be adjusted to accommodate different load lengths. They are ideal for transporting long loads such as pipes and wind turbine blades.
    • Cranes: Cranes are used to lift and move heavy loads onto trailers and off them. They come in different sizes and types depending on the weight and dimensions of the load.
    • Load securing equipment: Load securing equipment such as chains, straps, and ratchets are used to secure the load to the trailer and prevent it from shifting during transportation.

    Safety Measures for Transportation of Abnormal Loads

    Transporting abnormal loads is a very high-risk process that requires governed, regulated practices so that all safety measures are complied with.

    • Load securement: The load should be properly secured to the trailer using appropriate load securing equipment. We ensure all loads are secured correctly EVERYTIME.
    • Escort vehicles: All of our abnormal load deliveries that require an escort vehicle for a safe journey are provided and inclusive of the costs unless otherwise stated.
    • Vehicle inspection: The trailer, towing vehicle, and load are checked, prior to, during and at the end of the journey to ensure all deliveries are carried out professionally and precisely.

    Reliable Abnormal Load Transportation Services with Experienced Drivers and Escort Vehicles

    We have extensive experience in transporting all types of abnormal loads. Our team of experts, both as a team and as individuals, have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the best abnormal load delivery service.

    Our friendly transport planning team will handle all aspects of the transportation project, including liaising with the police and local authorities, submitting movement orders, and providing a route survey if necessary.

    We understand the importance of timely and efficient delivery, and our team will work diligently to ensure that your abnormal load is transported safely and on time.

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    In addition to our standard transportation services, we also provide specialised solutions for dangerous goods and medical samples. These often have strict regulations and require specialised handling to ensure the safety of both the shipment and the individuals involved in the transport process. Our team is trained and experienced in handling these types of shipments, and we ensure that all regulations are followed to guarantee safe and efficient delivery.

    If you require a logistics solution for your urgent shipments, our team is ready to provide you with the highest level of service and expertise. With our customised transport solutions, maximum control over the entire transport process, and specialised handling for sensitive and dangerous shipments, you can trust us to deliver your goods safely and efficiently every time.